Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marchy Marchy March...not over yet

Ah March, good times.

It started out with a snowboarding trip! Yay! Kyle and I headed out with the siblings and our buddy Derek to catch some night skiing. It felt so good to be out doing something that I love, (something I did before I had kids). Kyle, Ian and Maddie all went in early cuz of injury but Ky's back is better now. 
 March has been snowing on and off one day we brought the snow in to play with. 
Andie didn't care too much for her sensory bucket.
 But Kacen loved painting the snow with colored water and a dropper.
 One day I left Andie in her crib while I went to the rest room and when I came back she was nearly standing up! She is getting so big!
 Wacky wack picture of Kacen out with Grandpa shoveling the sidewalk. Monday we got a ton of snow at night so Kacen and I headed out to cease the moment and play play play in the snow, bed time came and hour late but I would do again in a heartbeat. Make snowmen and letting Kacen be near his grandpa and uncle serving others is totally worth it.
 Yesterday I went to open Kacen's door during his nap and found him in the toy bin, haha.
 Crawling lessons. I seriously can't believe she is that big. Man I love my fam damily.
I also gave Ky Ky a sexy hair cut but have yet to get a good picture of it. 
Man this huge sports complex is opening in Manhiem and I badly want to apply to their rock climbing gym. Someday it will be the perfect timing for me to work at a gym again, right now just isn't it. 

And March isn't even over yet! We still have a trip to the aquarium and Easter coming up.

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  1. So I think the last time I went snowboarding was when we went when the boys were like 4 weeks old or something crazy like that! Your kids look so fun. also I read on facebook about a comment of kyle telling you middle school stories one night it made me laugh. i miss you guys and all the silly stuff! have fun