Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marchy Marchy March...not over yet

Ah March, good times.

It started out with a snowboarding trip! Yay! Kyle and I headed out with the siblings and our buddy Derek to catch some night skiing. It felt so good to be out doing something that I love, (something I did before I had kids). Kyle, Ian and Maddie all went in early cuz of injury but Ky's back is better now. 
 March has been snowing on and off one day we brought the snow in to play with. 
Andie didn't care too much for her sensory bucket.
 But Kacen loved painting the snow with colored water and a dropper.
 One day I left Andie in her crib while I went to the rest room and when I came back she was nearly standing up! She is getting so big!
 Wacky wack picture of Kacen out with Grandpa shoveling the sidewalk. Monday we got a ton of snow at night so Kacen and I headed out to cease the moment and play play play in the snow, bed time came and hour late but I would do again in a heartbeat. Make snowmen and letting Kacen be near his grandpa and uncle serving others is totally worth it.
 Yesterday I went to open Kacen's door during his nap and found him in the toy bin, haha.
 Crawling lessons. I seriously can't believe she is that big. Man I love my fam damily.
I also gave Ky Ky a sexy hair cut but have yet to get a good picture of it. 
Man this huge sports complex is opening in Manhiem and I badly want to apply to their rock climbing gym. Someday it will be the perfect timing for me to work at a gym again, right now just isn't it. 

And March isn't even over yet! We still have a trip to the aquarium and Easter coming up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We're Moving

On this our commemorative 200th post I would like to announce that our blog is moving to
Google and Picas have cut me off on photo storage space so we are moving to a new site. Please follow us over there.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I left my cord in Connecticut

I left my computer cord in Connecticut and with all the craziness of my sister having this beautiful baby girl

I just barely got it back so now I can blog once again. I loved our trip to see everyone. I absolutely love my family. My parents are so relaxing to be with, fun to talk with and just full of love. My mom and I got some sewing projects done. And my sister and husband are great examples in parenting with calm colectiveness. My sis had a rough go with the birth of her sweet baby and things still aren't quite settled as to my sister's health but we are happy that for now at least she is alright and we are extremely happy that this little sweetheart, who doctors kept saying didn't have a chance, is here and healthy.

So here is our life since Halloween
Kacen got to dress up twice, once in CT as a tiger and once at home as an alligator.

At my sister's ward trunk-or-treat Kace was so scared of the teenage boys who had gruesome costumes. My son who will wonder off with any stranger and explore everywhere stayed glued to me the entire time out of terror.
 Emily didn't want to dress up for the trunk or treat and only got ready when she was allowed to wear my boots, so cute.
 We asked them to hold hands so we could take a picture but if you haven't noticed from the two previous photos, Kacen is a boy on the go.
I made some cute bat decorations for the door and then Perry and Valarie really amped it up with scary loud noises and music and a dark candle lit house and walk way.
Back at home we had to hit up Chipotle on Halloween for $2 burritos if you were in costume and Kacen freaked out because of some of the costumes, most especially a scary faced gorilla one. He went trick or treating in our neighborhood and Ky, ever health conscience, only wanted him to go to eight houses and ditched us cuz he got cold. We went to a couple of more without him and still haven't even eaten all of Kacen's candy.
Andie girl was cute little pumpkin that stayed home for trick or treating and only wore the costume for this picture, haha.
Well we saved the candy and give it to him on the rare occasion that he goes potty in the toilet. Or on nights when I want to be nice like tonight. And about every other day when I want to mega cookie: two balls of homemade frozen chocolate chip cookie dough with half a mini candy bar smashed in the middle and bake, I've tried snickers, almond joy and reeses all good.

Andie has been up to this lately, sticking out her tongue.
Oh and today she seriously laughed at me because I was being funny! It is about dang time she does it for her daddy all the time.

Ah the faces of Andie, cutie, cute, cute

 She does pretty good with tummy time.
Kacen was dying to get in on the photo shoot action.
He doesn't really like Andie, it is a shame. The other day she was on the table just talking, Kacen walked up and tried to kick her feet but missed by two feet cuz he was on the ground. So he climbs up onto the table, grabs her foot and holds it while he kicks it. Aaaannnnddd off to time out he went.
I don't get it, the dislike towards a tiny body that does next to nothing, well except take some of mommy and daddy's attention. We are really trying to work on his kindness towards her.  Any tips are welcome.

And lastly the other day I made a Birthday cake for my mother-in-law. I love my in-laws they are so helpful, kind, generous and fun. Unfortunately Valarie was sick on her birthday but she did eat some cake. Chocolate cake with peanut butter antique roses frosting.
 If you made it all this way good job that was a long post.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Andie Fingers

Today Andie and I spent five uninterrupted minutes just sitting together. No TV, no crazy brother, no phone, no daddy, no anything. Just me watching her chew on her fingers. Learning how to put one in, then two, then three, then the whole fist and starting again on just one finger. I love Andie girl. Today was a lazy rainy day, the mall, just hanging out at grandmas while she was at work, burritos, a card table fort and yeah blogging.